10/09 LinkedIn - Learn the Basics and More

posted Oct 5, 2013, 10:49 AM by Unknown user

 Andy Brandt, writer, blogger and member of PSGMC’s Executive Committee, will provide new members an introduction to this crucial job search tool and help existing LinkedIn members keep up with changes recently put into place.

Andy will share tips on increasing your visibility to recruiters and hiring managers who increasing turn to social media to find talent they need. He’ll explain how to begin by creating a profile that demonstrates your expertise, and demonstrate features designed to grow your network and your media presence.

In addition to his knowledge of social media, Andy has worked in fundraising, communications and project management. He is a founding member of the PSGMC Steering Committee and Co-Chair of the Communications Committee. He has written books and numerous articles on technology for jobseekers. For more insights into the intersection of tech, social media and frugality, read his blog, Frugal Guidance 2.