07/27 Presentation: John Hadley – Common Traps That Trip Up Job Seekers

posted Jul 22, 2016, 7:02 AM by Unknown user

Are you frustrated by your job search, and not even sure what's going wrong? Avoid the pitfalls that can make your job search more difficult as John Hadley shares strategies and techniques at PSGMC on Wednesday, July 27, from 9:30 am to noon at the Parsippany-Troy Hills Library.

John has coached hundreds of job seekers, and along the way has seen all sorts of traps that trip up candidates, often without them even being aware they’ve done anything wrong. 

He’ll impart the same insights he shares with his 1-on-1 coaching clients to make sure they don't get snared by these traps!  After all, if you don't even know you've done something wrong, how can you ever hope to fix the problem? 

John Hadley teaches job seekers who are frustrated with their search strategies and skills to tap into the 'hidden' job market and land the job and pay they deserve. He also works with professionals struggling to gain new opportunities at work. Check out his free Career Tips email newsletter, read each month by 9,500 subscribers, at www.JHACareers.com/Newsletter.htm.

A former actuary in the insurance industry and successful business systems consultant, John Hadley has helped hundreds of clients land the job and pay they deserve since opening his career search counseling.

For more career resources, visit his website, www.JHACareers.com.

Photo courtesy of John Hadley