Steering Committee

Steering Committee members are chosen from the chairs and co-chairs of each functional committee within PSGMC, which relies on the talents of our members to provide training, counsel, and support for one another while in transition.

By volunteering for one of the committees – a requirement for full membership in PSGMC  – members have the opportunity to keep their existing skills sharp or broaden their expertise by pursuing a new area of interest.

Chair, IT
Peter Katzenbach

Peter is a founding member of the Steering Committee and brings his skills in computer communications to PSGMC as co-chair of the IT Committee. Peter shares his knowledge with others as he continues to stay abreast of today’s technology. 

Co-Chair, IT
Paul Sicardo

Paul applies his broad skills, including business analysis and documentation, as a founding member of the Steering Committee. He enjoys working with others to come up with low cost solutions to ensure the organization’s sustainability and is Co-Chair of the IT Committee.